Sophierce $hoes!

I love shoes, comfortable shoes, shoes that make your feel hurt, I love them all… especially if they are interesting.

My sense of style has always been extremely unique… I never really liked department stores… I always likes to buy vintage, that way I knew no one else would have what I wore.

I am getting a bit bored with my shoe selection, and now there are a few on my radar that I think will really turn my oxford Tods frown… upside down.

Ahhh what to choose!

The red…are dope… I am loving the buckles and the color not sure if I am liking the height of the boot though… its in that weird bootie phase.

The Black with the studs, well they scream trend… but I fell in love with these boots when Chloe released them in Seafoam Green and Red… of course they were thousands more… but, damn they are beautiful!

Verdict to come.

Jeffrey Campbell Red Booties!
Jeffrey Campbell Studded Starbust Bootie ::::GASP::::

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