How about some NINE with dinner?!?

I have realized that I am a compulsive person, when I find interest in something, for some reason it begins to take over my life. I assume this is why I can watch the same movie over and over again… why I can re-read a book, and have the same cd in the car for weeks and never get tired.

Some of you may already know… but those of you who are wondering what is taking over my life…. well…. I will explain.

I don’t know about everyone else, but NINE has been on my radar, ever since I saw that photo of Sophia Loren and Fergie leaving a restaurant together…. Like the rest of the world, my initial reaction was “WTF!” Then I found out, they were making a movie, with none other than the amazingly beautiful Daniel Day Lewis (loved since Age of Innocence), I started counting down the days until the release date.

Now Sophia and I go wayyyy back… in my mind. When I was young she reminded me of my Grandmother (before my grandmother cut off her hair.) Then when I was in 3rd grade, I got my first FINAL JEOPARDY question correct… the answer SOPHIA LOREN. Now for me knowing who Sophia Loren was when I was a wee tot, was not surprising. My grandparents had exposed me to Casablanca, Houseboat and Carmen Jones before I hit Junior High School. So yes… Sophia will always hold a special place in my heart… Hence the title of my blog SOPHIERCE… so very fitting.

Over the course of two months I have been resurrecting my fascination with Ms. Loren as well as classic Italian cinema. And have been driving myself as well as close friends and family BONKERS!

So to all of you lovely people in my life, who have managed to stick by my side during this time of utter insanity…. ! thank you for listening to my obnoxious rants about spaghetti, SOPHIERCE, Donkeys, Bombinos, Canyons, Idris Elba and “boobs.”

We shall see who with re-enter my life next… BRACE YO SELF FOOLS!


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