12.  Velvet…. I love velvet!!!! Velvet clothing, velvet furniture… I just love the richness of the fabric!

11.  Finding  random pictures of adorable kids from other countries, and giving them names.  (In this picture is (Ava Calloway  and Penelope Loren)

10. The word VERNACULAR…. I don’t know why I like it but…. it just sounds so nice rolling off the tongue.

9.  Green Beans  or String Beans (I could eat them breakfast, lunch dinner) I like them super plain like thrown in a pot for 5 minutes and then on a plate… no seasoning, and super crunchy.

8. Autobiographies, Biographies and Memoirs are the only things I really enjoy reading… what can I say… I like the truth… One of my favorites (Ava Gardners autobiography, Hedy Lamarrs autobiography, Gloria Swansons autobiography, Gene Tierneys autobiography, James Hill’s memoir of his marriage to RITA HAYWORTH and Conversations with Bette Davis.) My book collection keeps growing and growing.

7.  Finding Vintage Pieces on Ebay!!!!!

6. Discreet seduction. I don’t know why it is necessary for films to be so explicit when it comes to seduction or sex. I remember when I saw ‘The Age of Innocence” for the first time… and when Daniel Day Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer are riding in that carriage, and he unbuttons the button to her glove and kisses her wrist, I thought it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Still to this day, one of the most beautiful and sexy scenes ever filmed!

5. Barbra Streisands & Lena Hornes voices

4. Sophia” SOPHIERCE” Loren, and everyting about her! (She’s a living legend…and definitely one of those rare creatures)

3. People breaking out into random song and dance….

2. White tee Shirts! I love white shirts, they are just so clean and go with everything… and I think that its the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.

1. Rita Hayoworth and every thing about her! (Definitely one of the greatest inspirations of my life and I just love her story both on and off the screen) I made a few videos for her on YOUTUBE (yes youtube) but this one is definitely one of my favorites… Rita and Marvin Gaye… doesn’t get much better than that.