life: DAY 1 of 2009 COUNTdown!

Ice Skating Party in Central Park (from left Gilly, Dice, (me)Ryoncé)

2009 was quite the year for me….Obama was sworn in as the new President of the Untied States. I got my first job out of College (at Sundance Channel), which has been an amazing experience, saw BEYONCE in concert, made some pretty SOPHIERCE new friends, took more “thesbian” classes, auditioned more, payed off bills, got some awesome clothes lol, became a more health conscious vegetarian lol, Sophia “Sophierce” Loren returned to the big screen,  lost MJ and an Angel, and met TONY BENNETT.

I couldn’t have asked for a more emotional year…. a lot of memories, luckily, more good than bad.

This week I am going to be celebrating 2009, and awaiting 2010 with amazing music, films, folks and fashion!

So join me!!!!! Let’s kick it off, with my personal favorite, yet most over played song of 2009.. Jay Z’s- Empire State of Mind!

Oh and my infamous performance of “Proud Mary” with Lady J! hahahah!!!! Good Times!