random life: WHatS IN The BAG!!!!!!

I was always intrigued by those random blogs where girls or boys from all around the word post photos of “What’s inside of your bag.” So since I have finally gotten my first digital camera, which is definitely SOPHIERCE, I decided to do the same.
My trusty dusty old beaten up Balenciaga has seen a lot in NYC and NJ, never ceasing to surprise me in just how much it can hold.


Lately I have been reading like a mad person. I am on my 3rd book, within the past 2 weeks, and this is a heavy one… if you don’t believe be ask my shoulders! (SOPHIA LOREN a biography by Warren G. Harris) I have never been much on fiction, I enjoy reading the truth.

On top of that is my blackberry and this great antique mirror I got with Sophia Loren on the shell.

I have tons of lipsticks and lip glosses because I never like the color I have chosen by the middle of the day, so I like to switch it up.

A cigarette holder (to hold my American Spirits) a gift from a dear friend of mine about 2 years ago. Although smoking is not so glamourous, I always feel like Lana Turner when I use it.

My IPOD which I have named “Hedy Lamarr.” is like my hand, I feel totally naked without it.

Also there is a flash drive… also named Hedy Lamarr… I write a lot, and I always keep it with me.

With all the “H1N1” running around you have to have the antibacterial soap.

My keys…. TCM keychain, and Keychain of the Leaning tower of Pisa from Italy (a gift from my grandparents latest excursion.)

My Valentino Aviators… I love these sunglasses to pieces, they are my most worn and my favorite pair. I have had them for about 5 years, and I can’t imagine my life without em :).

Then my wallet, the blue one has all my change some bobby pins and a sunglasses repair tool, and then my other wallet which holds the cards.

AFTER ALL THIS PURSE SEARCHING…. I decided to start on my week long detox after all the crap I have been eating over the holidays….


Bon Appetite!