life: UpDates!

Well, I have realized that the whole “tab” thing on the blog, is just not working out for me, so this week they will be phased out and replaced by “categories” listed on the home page… (ie: Inspiration, Food, Film, Fashion, Updates… etc.)

Well now that I got that out of the way, I decided to be one of those poor saps who make new year resolutions. Being a post it on the MAC is just not enough to keep me following the list, so I decided to post it here.

so… here we go.


1. Squint less. ( I always squint and in about 20 years I will be kicking myself.)

2. Think before I talk. (I am tired of kicking myself for saying to much, or saying something that makes me sound like a total ninny.)

3. Take class at least bi-weekly. (Take more classes at Nexxus, get involved more with live performing.)

4. Exercise at least twice a week. (I have slacked with Yoga and need to get back in the mode… eating right isnt enough to keep Ryoncé SOPHIERCE.)

5. Complete a new screenplay (I have written several, and haven’t completed on in a year, so I just need to finish at least one of them.)

6. Submit screenplay to festivals. (My screenplay the OASIS… my baby has only been submitted once, and I need to get it out there.)

7. Get an Agent (I need an acting agent, so in order to get one, I am going to need to be serious about #3)

8. Be more conscience about what I eat.  (NO MORE CHEEZITS IN THE HOUSE)

9. Get and Apartment (I need to move)

10. Headshots (They need updating)

11. Make Short (I have written a short film which I need to shoot, and I will 🙂

Well thats all for now!