women in film: FINE WINES (The Age Edition)

I don’t know what is is about women over 50, but for some reason they are giving us 20 somethings a run for our money. When you look back at Michelle Pfeiffer or Sophia Loren or Catharine Deneuve when they were first starting out…. you would say oh they’re pretty, or, she’s adorable. Yet now Michelle at a stunning 51, Sophia at a SOPHIERCE 75 and Deneuve at a devine 66…. have crossed the threshold from pretty to timeless.

But what is it? What is it that keeps elevating these women to the next level? Is it something in the California sun? The Swiss air or the thin french cigarettes that is adding that extra kick? Who knows? All I know is, whatever it is that they are doing… keep it up, its total inspiration, because not only are they physically beautiful they are “hella” talented.

Keep it up ladies!

Michelle 1975           Michelle 2010

Sophia Loren  late 1950’s                Sophia Loren 2009

Catharine Denuve ????                 Catharine Deneuve 2007