television: TYRA BANKS STYLE

I honestly cannot tell you what led me to Tyra Banks’s website today…. well since its 3:28am now, I mean…. yesterday.

I was definitely one of those people who didn’t think Tyra’s show would last past the first season, but it did… and now it’s ending.  Now I am not a frequent viewer of the show, but I have seen a few eps, and was quite entertained. WHY? I mean what other talk show host will go undercover as a rappers “cousin” and get kissed by a crazy groupie? Thats some good TV.

Tyra’s show seems to be the only place you can have a serious illness, deformity or just be an out of control teen, and have all of your problems solved with a “Makeover” by team “Tyra.”

But this week, it seems Tyra is about to embark on one of her most insane guests yet, don’t take my word for it…. take a look at a screen grab from her site. I wonder what kind of makeover Wednesday’s guests are in store for?

"Next Week on Tyra"