life: SPEEDING To Sandra’s Rescue

Okay, usually I don’t care about things like this, but for me Sandra Bullock is one of my many friends in my head…. so I had to be vocal. My apologies if I seem malign.

What an asshole! Like seriously!!!  Messy James says “I used poor judgement and bought pain and embarrassment to my wife and my kids.” Okay nice try but the only person who should be embarrassed is you homey. You not only crept around on Ms. Speed herself but you creep with some chick who looks like you can get hepatitis  just by glancing at her. Seriously? Dude like really?

To me Sandra is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but as we learned from Halle Berry’s ex Eric Benet’s infidelities, looks don’t matter… but for me what is mattering is the fact that the girl looks unclean.

So where does Sandra go from here? Maybe she will be nice and take him back or maybe she will let the dude go on with his walking STD and finally make that relationship with Keanu Reeves happen. Ether way Messy James totally effed up… and frankly Sandra can do better than a dude that probably cleans his fingernails with his keys.

Thats all……


Walk On By: Dionne Warwick


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