life: In the SPEEDING Lane!

It was Friday March 26th 2010 in NYC. My outfit was not conducive to the unforgivable weather.

I strutted my way down from 32nd and 7th ave down to 23rd and 5th. My I-Pod was controlled between Beyoncé’s “Control” The Coasters “Down in Mexico” and Bab’s rendition of “A House is Not A Home.”

I waited on the corner of 23rd and 5th as my friend… lets just call her V, picked me up in a cab. When I hopped inside the first thing the cab driver said to us was… Are you sisters? ( although a compliment, no we are not.) His chatty yet flirtatious nature continued all the way until we arrived at our destination.

Sin Sin was the place!

V and I had a quick cigg, blowing out  a little stream before we went inside.

The interior of the bar/club was dark aside from the red “mood” lighting splashed around the room. I felt like I had walked into a Russian bathhouse. A bar full of men in suits watched as we made our way to the back of the room.  Waiting for us at our tea lit table was V’s friend who I will call Guido.

I assume that right now, it seems like we were ether at a crack den or a brothel… but I assure you it is much more exciting…. yes my friends we were indeed about to enter a night of SPEED DATING.

For the evening I used the name AVA.

They sat us in a room that smelled like sweaty body and African incense …. The booths were covered in these burlap and leopard print fabrics. It all felt slightly sketchy.

The MC (pretty much the guy who told everyone to switch) was drunk by the time I was on speed date number 4.  Sometimes he would forget to tell us to switch, he would loose things, or make some dates longer or shorter than others… the men ranged from like 24-55. Some were accomplished some were “in between jobs.” some were in mariachi bands… and one I swear had mad cows disease. Some were interesting to talk to, some were scary, some were full of themselves, some were boring.

Although it was a lot of fun playing make believe for a few hours… at the end of the day I have to remember that for some of these men, this is a ritual for them. They go to these events in hopes of finding the love of their life or… miss right. I hope Friday was successful for them, if not, I have faith that one day they will find the girl they are looking for.


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