life: 5.22.1986… ITS B-DAY Wish LIST TIME!!!!

My Birthday is almost a month away!!! I know that I will never get out of the wish list phase. Although I am pretty much satisfied in my “material” department… I figured a girl can dream can’t she?

1. Loose tea, for my super awesome tea pot from my dear friend Patsy 😉 Im an old lady I love my tea!!!!

2.  A Bike!!! I don’t want just any bike, I want  THIS BIKE!  A vintage  blue bicycle with a basket on the front so I can just carry my handbag or just feel super Italian.

3. Dinner at SOUEN!!!!! Yummmooo! Not only is it super good, its super healthy.

Souen Restaurant

4. Rita Hayworth Brown Derby caricature!!! Yes I have made contact with the seller… and he is willing to hand it over 🙂

5. Loboutin FRED oxford flats!!!! (yeah I went there) Actually any color will do 🙂

6. A FRIEND brave enough to visit the Ava Gardner Museum with me!!!! I only say brave is because it is in the boonies of North Carolina. And Although Ms. Gardner didn’t segregate, the name SMITHFIELD NORTH CAROLINA, just doesn’t make me feel safe.

7. Tickets to see Sondheim and Sondheim!!! (I havent seen Vanessa Williams in concert in 5 years, the time has come.)

Tickets found here!  Sondheim on Sondheim

8. Chanel Waist bag… it makes you accept fanny packs, and its gonna make me look super cute when I go to six flags, and premiere this baby on the Kingda Ka!

9. Another Pair of …..Toms (Sequined Browm) Toms (Grey) and More Toms (Sequined Silver) (Seriously the most comfortable shoes I own, and only $44.o0, and for every pair you buy, a child in need gets a pair. So technically you give twice 🙂 9 1/2 please!!!

10. Can you think of a better person to sport while your coffee or tea???

Streisand Mug


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