TV: The Hills… The end of the DRAMA

I have to admit, I did turn in my cool card and tune into this ridiculous show once a week. For myself, Perez Hilton and the the rest of the teenie boppers that watch it, tonight marked the end of its 6 season run… so I decided I wanted to bid it adieu with a little letter….

Dear The Hills,

I will never forget the blank stares, the dragged out words, the endless brunch, dinner and lunch chats that consisted of 10 words. The bartenders who become best friends and hook ups, the sunglasses that make you into a drug addict,playboy bunny girlfriends,the never changing story line, the DUI’s, the frenemies, the plastic surgery, the token minority friend, the sucky sucky people, the sad parents, the weekly trips to Mexico and the endless money to buy houses and clothes and merely sit at a desk in somewhere that appears to be a place of business…Oh and of course giving myself and @Daniel Diaz something to reenact every day at 11 Penn… where we actually work… and still don’t make enough money to buy houses on the beach and date guys with two first names. RIP… The Hills… and Audrina for your relentless ability to make the audience believe that you really have NO IDEA what is going on.




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