life: My Beautiful Life…..

I had a great time in LA last week.

(Pictures to come)

So funny how quickly things can change. One minute things are going so well, and you feel so optimistic, and the next moment, it all changes… the rose colored glasses loose its allure, and everything becomes a muddy brown.

Its hard to stay inspired when those you trust let you down, when you give your all only to receive half in return.

Ava Gardner

This song happened to come on my IPOD last night, when I was feeling terribly confused, terribly low… to put it simply, I felt defeated… and this song spoke to me. Who knows how many people actually read my blog, but hopefully if you are in the same place, it can speak to you to. The song is no where to be heard online, so if you want to hear it, you will have to download it.

I still haven’t come out of my funk, but I am sure it will eventually pass.

(Read full story for lyrics)


Barbra Streisand

Life isn’t always what it seems
You have to fight to hold your dreams
I’ll not let mine slip out the window
I’ve got no time to see which way the wind blows
One day I’ll wash my grubby face
Then shine it right on in the race to somewhere
I can do it
Yes I can now
I can do it
I know I can
Come big or small chance I’ll take it there
I’ll join the dance and sing my way
I can do it
Just you let me
I can do it
I know I can
I’ll knock the whole world down on its ear
People can love I’ll make ’em cheer
Think of all the boys
Think of all the girls
That life is passing by
I can do it
I’ve gotta do it
Just you watch me try!


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