Life: Being Lena Horne

So, some of you may know, or may not know, but I am an actor.

I have been studying since I was a child, and am currently embarking on my most treasured and difficult project yet… a one woman play based on the life of Lena Horne. I am both extremely honored and terrified at the same time.

Its not everyday you have the opportunity to share the life of one of your most treasured people with the rest of the world. Yet at the same time there is an enormous amount of pressure…. There is this need to NOT fuck up, and tell the story correctly. It’s not some fictitious character, she was an actual living, breathing, known and documented human being…. so the pressure is super high.

Our journey so far has been a strange one…. For instance… A few weeks ago I came down with an insane case of pneumonia… rarely do I get sick… but here the sickness comes… then a few days later, Im reading about Lena and when she was about my age she was fighting pneumonia…….strange????

Then last night I am working out a scene for my play and decide to set it on Chrismas day, and sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”  What do I read this morning… “Having known many lonely holidays as a child, Lena would sing have yourself a merry little Christmas.”

She’s feeding me something, through the universe, and I’m loving it. I still have a ways to go… but I cannot wait to see where the journey is going to take me.


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