life: LEN-genday Projects underway!!!!

The life of the actor is sometimes the life of a writer… its such a solitary craft….

The inner life you have to connect to, in order to create characters is sometimes a painful journey, but its always fun.

I would have to say the best thing about acting for me in the inspiration I get from other creative people… its really the best gift in the world. Whether its reading about them or seeing them perform or watching one of their movies… its really like Christmas.

I have been wondering whether or not a book by an up and coming actress having conversations with these people that inspire her would even sell????

I have to keep keeping busy, and I always have to take on something new… To make a long story short, I am embarking on writing a book about my journey as an actor, along with conversations with the people that keep me inspired. My ideal list shall include…

Barbra Streisand-Diahann Carroll-Sophia Loren- Ruby Deep- James Gavin-Lee Daniels-Vanessa Williams-Sidney Portier-Harry Belefonte- Halle Berry and Lonette McKee…


We shall see how this goes 🙂


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