life: LEN-gendary soulmates

It’s a new week, and I am happy to say LEN-gendary is still operating (I almost got in an argument this morning.) For those who know me, I am probably one of the most non confrontational people, yet as of late my temper is being tested everyday.

Aside from cussing people out Lena is allowing me to dive into my memories, and reconnect with my soulmate. He was my Billy Strayhorn. He is truly one of the most incredible human beings I have ever known. He is smart, hysterically funny, incredibly talented,  sweet as pie and sensitive. He taught me a lot about myself and what I want, and really just listened when I needed him. We were really two of a kind, and and embarked on what seemed like mini adventures, every time we were together. I would have married him if I could have, I was in love with everything about him… yet he wasn’t interested in me “in that way.”

When we graduated from college he moved away… and I began to get bitter… How dare he leave me, and continue to be happy? Making movies and finding love, How could he leave me when our lives were just beginning? I miss him terribly everyday. When I think about him, and all he gave to me, I can’t help but smile. It was all bittersweet, yet I know we will one day be together again… taking long walks in the city and dreaming.

Lena Horne “I Let A Song Go Out Of My Life.”


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