life: LEN-gendary UGH moments

Well perhaps I spoke far too soon. IDK what is happening with me and this workshop… Lena shows up  and she leaves, she shows up and she leaves. The woman has me like a yo-yo. The workshop was going sooooooo well… then came my turn, and the ball was dropped. I  got myself thinking…do I not ask enough questions? Am I not working hard enough? It cannot be that I am not working hard enough because well… I work my ass off to know everything there is to possibly know about this woman and the era… the organization is ridiculous… yet the emotional life is so jammed, its killing me.

How do I give it over to the character and allow her to live, how to I get out of my own way. Like I said before, she’s here… I guess now she is trying to figure out a way to live through me and the work… I just have to let her in.

Like Lena sang herself… “A Lady Must Live”

A Lady Must Live


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