salute: Ethel Waters

When you open her autobiography “His Eye is on the Sparrow” you are greeted with these haunting words…

“I was never a child. I never was coddled, or liked, or understood by my family. I never felt I belonged. I was always an outsider…. Nobody brought me up.”

Ethel Waters had the fight of a lion and the voice of an angel. She paved the way for black female singers and actors alike. Although her career decisions have been frowned upon due to her “mamieish” characters, you cannot deny her the credit of a trailblazer. She once said “I never accepted the idea that I was all through. I guess no person who has once been a star can do that, ever.”

Her career is one that was met with  a sweet start and a slightly bitter end…. yet when you ask any singer who knew her or was just influenced by her, they will always give her the praise she deserved.

A salute to: Ethel Waters

Diana Ross And Ethel Waters 1969


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