life: Keeping Inspired!

I don’t know how to fully express just how important inspiration is.

If you aren’t constantly being inspired by life… how can one go on living? Dreaming is one thing… but expanding those dreams are another.

I remember as a kid being so taken aback by Lena Horne when I heard her sing the song “Believe”in The Wiz. It was my driving force then… and now it has become my mantra. Every time I embark on something new, or I suffer a case of severe self doubt, I pop on that song and I listen to every word….

If you believe, within your heart you’ll know, that no one can change the path that you must go. Believe what you feel, and know your right because, the time will come around, when you’ll say its yours.”

I know my blog posts are always surrounding something to do with Lena Horne, Barbra Streisand or Rita Hayworth… but those ladies keep me going. They paved such a great path for me to walk down. They didn’t just do it, they did it big. I know my time is coming… and I am so grateful to those ladies for keeping me on my journey.

If You Believe – Lena “LENgendary” Horne (The Wiz)


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