music: The Storytellers of SONG

What I love more than anything is rediscovering great music. Some musicians are just great storytellers. In the case of Barbra Streisand…I mean its a given that the woman is one BAD CHICK, she is an incredible storyteller. Her consistency is mind blowing… with a career that spans close to 50 years, its incredible how she still WOWS the world. I am not asking everyone (the 3) that probably reads this blog to go out any buy every Streisand album like I do… yet I think you can learn so much from the songs she sings. Not one note is ever forced, or false, its just rooted in some deep truth. If you all do anything I urge you to listen to the following 8 songs….

1. Like A Straw In the Wind/ Anyplace Hang My Hat Is Home (Mash up from The Second Barbra Streisand Album.

Like A Staw In The Wind Medley

2. I Had Myself A True Love (1962) A live performance from Bon Soir of Barbra at 20.

I Had Myself A True Love

3. Don’t Like Goodbyes (1964) From the “People” album… I think this may just be my favorite Barbra Streisand of all time.

Don’t Like Goodbyes

4.  Cry Me A River (1962) Another live Performance from the Bon Soir. KILLS IT!

Cry Me River

5. You And I (1975) From the album Lazy Afternoon

You and I

6. Where Do You Start (2009) A beautiful song. Not all all pushed… Just simply stated, and quite heartbreaking.

Where Do You Start

7. My Man (Funny Girl) If you don’t listen to anything else on this list. Please watch, listen and be BLOWN AWAY!

My Man

8. You’ll Never Know (1955/1988) Barbra at 45 sang a duet with her 13 year old self. Stunning.

You’ll Never Know


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