PFEIFFER (her own catergory)

As a person whose love for film resides in Golden Age Of Cinema, I have to say it is refreshing to know that there are a few actresses currently in the game that continue to bring it! Hands down out of all of all of the actresses whose careers started in the last 30 years, Michelle Pfeiffer is by far my favorite. Aside from her uniquely Pfeiffer acting chops, mysterious air and uncommon beauty… Michelle Pfeiffer is truly the bees knees. Someone can film her sitting in a chair reading a book for 2 hours, and seriously it will be one of the most incredible things to see. Its difficult to be so captivating in your stillness, yet Michelle is one of the few people blessed with this gift.

I heard through the grapevine Michelle’s new flick  “New Years Eve” is due out next month. Honestly I have no interest in the film… but if shes in it, I’m there.

Michelle Pfeiffer Makin Whoopie


4 thoughts on “PFEIFFER (her own catergory)

  1. You definitely have good taste and this post is awesome.
    Michelle will forever by my favourite actress. I cannot fathom ever loving another actress more than her.
    My top 5 pfavourite Pfeiffer performances are:
    1. Fabulous Baker Boys (no surprise here)
    2. Batman Returns (very close 2nd)
    3. Married to the Mob (she is an underrated comedienne)
    4. Frankie and Johnny (I know many were angry when she was cast, but I thought she gave a very touching performance)
    5. Age of Innocence (lovely understated performance)

  2. I would have to pick my top 5 and say they are….

    1. Age of Innocence (My favorite performance of hers and definitely in my top 10 favorite films of all time.)

    2. The Fabulous Baker Boys (The snowflake earring and her very NEW YORK vernacular.)

    3. Frankie and Johnny (Love love love love)

    4. Married to the Mob (I agree she is great with comedic roles.)

    5. I am Sam (She was so great as Rita)

  3. You are right about “I am Sam” I think Michelle digs really deep there.
    The scene where she talks about the problems of “people like me” somehow manages not to be condescending to the character played by Sean Penn.
    It’s an acting master class.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

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