Music: Mariah is Carrying me….


Did you ever wake up hearing a song?  You rush to your computer to see if its in your itunes library… and when its not there, you go on a frantic google search to find it? Well that was me today and the song was “Never Too Far Away.”

It’s funny, the songs you wake up.connected to… for me I believe the connection is to the bittersweet realization that things cannot last forever. While my experience in my one woman show playing Lena Horne has been a painful yet amazing experience, I know the chapter is 3 weeks away from coming to a close. It hurts like hell, but I know its not the end of me, nor is it the end of Lena and I. We’re stuck for life.

This song is for my other half. Come on Lena let’s take it to the stars.

“A place in time still belongs to us, stays reserved in my mind, in the memories there is solace….”


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