The day has  arrived… It’s finally


I have always been proud of what I am, but for some reason this year, the pride is spilling over. To be part of a race and a culture composed of such power, passion, integrity, beauty and strength, makes me feel so honored to be alive. I have a purpose, and that is to continue where my ancestors left off. Because of them, I am able to dream, and believe that my dreams can come true. My only hope is that in my life, I can make another step for someone else to keep the dream going.  I’d like to honor my ancestors this month by saluting their accomplishments,  talent, love and selflessness.

BlackHistoryMonth DAY 1…


Noble Sissle was one of the first black orchestra leaders to have his band play at all white events. He opened doors, and also gave Lena Horne her start. I randomly met his daughter over the summer, and I have to say it was quite the memorable conversation. The first thing she said to me was “You are just a baby, how in the world do you know who my father was?” my response… “How could I not know who your father was?”


“I walk in the footsteps of giants”


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