the work: NIA FAIRWEATHER!!!

I am constantly in awe of my sister!!!!

In 2011 an angel named Susan Batson, gave me the gift in the form of this incredible actress named Nia. Susan cast the two of us in a project together, and from that day on not only did my actor change, but my life changed. In our month of rehearsals Nia showed me the actor I wanted to be.

Everytime I see Nia work I am inspired. She is the definition of hard work and talent, and I feel so grateful to know her, love her and call her my sister. She is the Ava to my Lena!

Its incredible to see where OORDEEL stared and where it ended up. Support the craft and see Nia in action. Nia Fairweather OORDEEL

The sky is the limit sis! Lets fly!!!!


One thought on “the work: NIA FAIRWEATHER!!!

  1. Hey SIS! You are truly amazing. I too am grateful to Susan for being the catalyst for what has become a great sisterhood friendship. You are the Lena to my Ava. Love you lots.

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