Salute: February 12th…Whitney Houston


Just a few hours ago, I was in the middle of my show, about to go on and do my 3rd scene when I got the news…”Whitney Houston died.” I was in complete disbelief… then everything became like a staircase spiraling down.  I was shaken to the core, I couldn’t breathe and I was crying hysterically (I literally collapsed… I am guessing Lena is the cause of this.)

Strangely enough, while I have always admired her undeniable talent and effortless way of executing every song she touched… I would not call myself a huge Whitney Houston fan. Yet hearing of her passing, I felt like I had something taken away from me.  Whitney (all pitfalls aside) was a symbol, a symbol of success, and beauty and talent; and it is this symbol in which African-American’s draw our strength. While I do not want to limit Whitney’s impact to only the African-American community because her music was something that EVERYONE was able to appreciate… I want to shed some light as to why it’s so personal to me.  I feel that as an African American, we all share a common thread which links every last one of us together, when we loose one of our own, we all feel the loss in a strong way… A brother gone, a sister gone… In this instance we lost a sister.

The way she chose to live her life is her own business. Let us not judge her for the choices she made, but for the talent she gave. Her music crossed the color lines, and her voice will forever live on.

RIP Angel!

(Like the song says..”I’m every woman, it’s all in me.” Yep I’ve got a little Whitney)

“I walk in the footsteps of giants.”


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