salute: February 24th…Josephiné Baker!!!!


Josephine Baker is the definition of TRAILBLAZER. Her talent took her from Mississippi all the way to Paris, where she blossomed into the icon we remember today. She was the first African-American to star in a major motion picture, the first American to receive the Croix de gurre ( for her work with the french military during World War II) The first African-American superstar, and the first to integrate an American Concert Hall.

Although she was based in Paris, her impact was world-wide. She tirelessly fought for the rights of Black Americans, and in 1963 with Dr Martin Luther King Jr at her side, she spoke at the March on Washington. After Dr. King was assassinated she was asked by Coretta Scott King to take Dr. Kings place as the leader of American Civil Rights. She declined as she couldn’t bare to see her ‘Rainbow Tribe” (her 12 adopted multi-ethic children) grow up without a mother. (Dr. Kings shoes were big ones to fill.)

Dance on madame Josephine!

“I walk in the footsteps of giants.”


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