Salute: February 27th…Carmen De Lavallade & Geoffrey Holder


CARMEN AND GEOFFREY are another power couple, who to me are true stand outs when mentioning black history. Their talents bare an abundance of brilliance, which made their contributions to the world of dance, theater, and film, authentic and imaginative.

Truth bleeds from every step, every dip, every spin, every kick they execute on stage. (Just 2 weeks away from her 81st birthday, Carmen still dances. That folks is passion.)

Carmen’s dedication to her craft and unique way of storytelling are among the qualities which made Alvin Alley bring her into the company in 1955. Whether on Broadway in House of Flowers or  Hollywood dancing in Carmen Jones, Carmen always went 15000000%

Geoffrey is the definition of an artist, he paints, he directs, he designs. In 1975 his talents went noticed when he became the first black man to win the Tony Award for best direction and best costume design for THE WIZ.

Married for 57 years you can’t help but wonder how these artistic geniuses managed to stay together as long as they have. I don’t think it was an easy thing to do, yet I think they faced every tango with the same approach….” Let’s just face the music and dance.”

” I walk in the footsteps of giants.”


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