life: Lazzzzzzzzzzzzy Sunday

I’m always told I’m too young to be tired and that I should call it depression instead. All I know is I could  go back to sleep. Yet, to avoid feeling like a total waste life, I have re rolled my hair. put lipstick on, and am lounging around in “Joe Louis’s” shirt. Kinda feel like watchin Lana Turner today…. something sappy like Imitation of Life or Peyton Place… also I gotta get on the ball and write. Alright… I’m going to accomplish something meaningful today.


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  1. It looks as if you already did do something today, and something quite fantastic. You captured a moment. : )

  2. Bill Chance says:

    Love that photo. Such famous people is such an ordinary pose.

  3. Love it 🙂 #LazySunday

  4. Ryan Jillian says:

    Not a bad lazy Sunday. I should give myself more credit lol.

    And that pic of Liz and James Dean is one of the best!

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