life: People Have More Fun

Eyelids super heavy, but I am feeling so aware of so much.

This weekend I wound up being transported back to my childhood and found myself playing games of “tug of war” “hide and seek” and “freeze tag…..” (I also played a little jump rope and limbo.) It wasn’t until later that I realized… Life is too short to be so grown up, every waking moment. I am grateful for my little cousins, they help keep the inquisitive, fearless, imaginative, little girl inside me alive. It feels so good to give yourself the space to be free.

Rita Hayworth "Down To Earth" (1947)
Rita Hayworth "Down To Earth" (1947)
Frankie: "I don't date, by choice." (Things Ryan would say for $400 Alex.)

On   another note I rediscovered some films that I forgot about. Well, I didn’t forget about them, I just forgot how much I loved them. First “Frankie and Johnny” (the movie not the song, although I love Lena’s version of the song.)  I don’t know what it is about Michelle ‘ character in that film, but I understood her. Maybe it was her tough exterior or the way she could conquer any jar that was too hard to open. Whatever it was while I was watching it I cried like a baby… and also was reminded why I love Michelle Pfeiffer.

Holly Golightly: A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick.

Next up …“Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” I was obsessed with this movie in 4th grade. Of course no one in my grade knew who Audrey Hepburn was, but I did, and I wanted to be her. Now watching it 14 years later… I still LOVE IT! (aside from Mickey Rooney’s, Mr. Yunioshi, can we say overtly racist?) Character detail for Holly Golightly was nothing shy of perfect (from The Five Pennies Album on her “coffee table”to the Harvard throw on her bed, to the lipstick and perfume in her mailbox, to her last name.) What I finally noticed  today, which I never realized the 3000 other times I saw it… What $50.00 for the powder room meant. I mean I always knew Holly was a call girl, and the world accepted the black dress and the men and the $50.00 because it was Audrey Hepburn…but what I really got tonight was Holly wasn’t stupid, she got paid before “service” (Babs in NUTS would be proud of her.) This film was so important to the new generation of women. There was both a personal and sexual liberation in the American woman, and Holly Golightly was definitely an important influence. I’m not saying women ran out and decided to be high class hookers, but they began to see the power in their sexuality and didn’t see the joy in being June Cleaver anymore.

Alright… I’ve blabbed enough.


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