television: Remembering Mike Wallace

Unfortunately the only knowledge I have of Mike Wallace is what I came across being a STREISATIONAL fan. I remember being so in awe of her talent hearing some of her early recordings on Mikes show “PM east.” I didn’t hear of his passing until today, but it automatically drove me to look at an interview he did with Barbra in 1991, promoting her film “The Prince Of Tides.” I think everyone will remember the interview that bought Streisand to tears.

Oddly enough I find crying beautiful, it’s a nice reminder that we are ALL human. We all have painful memories, and past heartaches, and love and loss… and its kinda nice to know that no matter what path you have been put on in this crazy world, somehow, at the core of it all, we are all in this crazy mess together. Feelings are universal.

So here are some of my favorite STREISATIONAL/WALLACE MOMENTS!

19 years old! INCREDIBLE


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