life: And Friendship

The word friend is not something I use freely.

I am not the most trusting person in the world. I am moody, goofy and a complete nut, and some people really just don’t get it. Yet I am lucky to have a small group of friends who love me for who I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I saw a very very dear friend of mine yesterday, and I have to say it changed my entire day. I hadn’t seen her since January, and it wasn’t until we said our goodbyes that I realized just how much my life would suck without her. It didn’t help that I went to rehearsal afterwards and Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” started to play (She is a total Beyoncé head) and I broke down crying for about 3 hours.

For almost 2 years I saw that girl everyday, we shared, helped, cussed out, cried, laughed, got into trouble, confided, drank and drilled (ciggs.)It’s amazing how quickly that all stopped, and now it takes me months at a time to see her. Either way, she and all of her fablouZZZness is with me for life,  I love her to pieces, and I am SOOOOOO grateful god bought her to me.


Boo and Booberry 4 Lyfe!



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