life: And what I am aware of


This past week was a hard one. I had more down days than up. At this point I am feeling very trapped. Once again my brain is getting the best of me. I keep wondering what’s in store, what’s around that corner, when will that day come, am I doing this right? Should I be doing more?

“Gotta Move!”

 I admit, I spend more time home than anything else, if I am not auditioning or in class. I need something more… but what? A side job to occupy my time?

Some people have that amazing ability to bury the emotions and work through them to get to a better place. I find that I short circuit, my head is filled with 300000 ideas coming from every which way, and I just loose it.I get overwhelmed and I have to admit, I get a bit lazy. Yet sitting at home figuring out what you are going to do isn’t the way to do it. You’ve gotta got there and find it…


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