Happy Audrey Day!!!


I will never forget the first time I saw Audrey Hepburn. I had to be in about 4th grade, it was about 1 in the morning (clearly I didn’t sleep much then.) Some station was playing WAIT UNTIL DARK. I remember being so engaged in the story of this blind woman who was caught in the middle of a drug scandal. It pretty much all took place within the walls of her basement brownstone apartment. From that day on I loved New York, and I loved Audrey. After seeing that I found myself wanting to see more of her. So then began my journey into the world of Hepburn…. Paris When It Sizzles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Love In the Afternoon, Sabrina, My Fair Lady, How to Steal a Million, Funny Face and many many more.

I think the legacy of Audrey remains so potent in today’s culture because she was a woman whose image transcended time. She was modern, she was real, she was skinny when thin wasn’t quite in. She stood out when the world was chasing after the  Elizabeth Taylor’s and Sophia Loren’s and the Marilyn Monroe’s.

You watch an Audrey Hepburn movie or see a picture of that million dollar face and you can’t help but smile.

So let’s raise a glass to Audrey on what would have been her 83rd birthday!


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