I guess we never get too old for wish lists!!!

And with my birthday 2 weeks away, I figure its time to get the party started. Once again I must state this is a WISH list! So I’m free to get kinda ornate.

1. STREISAND TICKETS 2012 The moment I have been waiting for.  While the ticket prices are insanely high, I have to admit, that if there is anything that would exceed all gifts it would be Streisand in concert.

2. TOMS!

I got paint happy about a month ago and proceeded to paint my 2 year old, run down red toms… white… and of course… it wasn’t cute. I can only wear my glittery silver ones but so much. And at a nice $44.00. I can get 3 years out of these babies, plus they make my size 9.5 feet look small 🙂

3. STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE TICKETS!!! One of my favorite plays!!! So excited to see an all black cast along with an appearance from Carmen De Lavallade! Have heard nothin but good things, now I need a date. ( 49.95 matinees.

4. JUICE Fruits and Veggies do a body good, and so does liquiteria! Gift cards or a week supply or one of my favorite juices would be amazing! (ALL GREENS- Lemon Ginger or Apple, Killer XX, Mr. Green or Skin Trip!)

5. NYLON PRADA BACKPACK My leather one has almost had it. Its been through quite a bit. I am lovin the nylon.

6. RECORD PLAYER I have so many records and NOTHING to listen to them on. I want a gorgeous working one from the 50’s in a fun color, like blue or green.


I just want some.

8. INTIMATE DISTANCE (Marie Brenner)Only $1.92 on AMAZON!!!! Holler!

9. Ipad 3…or 4 I’m always on the go…literally I spend more time on the train than anything else, so I see this an an investment in my work. It would be the perfect addition to my life to so I can read my sides as soon as they come in my email, record voice sessions and just be more efficient… a smart phone can only be but so smart.

10. ISABEL MARANT Wedge SneakersThe price tag is ridiculous… but what a fun new way to be tall.


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