Although I wasn’t born when DYNASTY took the world by storm in the 80’s I feel as if I was around to experience it.

When ever I am bed ridden and sick, I get a big bowl of tofu vegetable soup, and turn on DYNASTY it is the most entertaining melodramatic bad show EVER. Actually I cannot say the show was bad, it was what was right for the times, and for some reason it still grabs my attention in 2012.

One of the reasons Dynasty had so much of an impact on the television world was 1. Aaron Spelling 2. Bitch fights 3. Rich people issues 4. Diahann Carroll and 5. Nolan Miller’s designs.

Shoulder pads never looked so good. Everything had shoulder pads, from the silk bathrobes to the fur coats… and it was absolutely delicious.

Nolan passed away today, so my dreams of starring as Dominique Deveraux in “Dynasty The Musical” in a Nolan Miller original is shattered. I hope he rests in peace  on big shoulder padded cloud.


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