Life: Full of GLEE


Umm so I spent about 3 hrs the other night watching the final 3 episodes of Glee season 3 crying like a baby. This is not a new development because I cry at least twice per episode.

When the show first came onto the scene I have to say I wasnt a fan. In my mind the idea of this Lea Michele covering Barbra STREISATIONAL songs was a sin! Yet as soon as I decided to actually watch the show and NOT be such jealous bitch …

Sidebar: YES I am lady enough to admit I was jealous. Of course I would love to play a Streisand obsessed character whose dreams and passion drive her every move. I mean am I not this Rachel Berry everyday? Now back to our scheduled program…..

I fell in love with the show. Its an inspiring story full of humor and joy and pain and the musical talent of the cast and guest stars is really quite something.

A great big bravo to the cast and crew for another great season. In a time when television and film is lacking  individuality and originality GLEE has managed to be one of the freshest, unique and insiring shows I have seen in quite some time.

Can’t wait for season 4!

Also please check out Lea Micheles “Roots Before Branches.”


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