Life: DELAVALLegance


I figured I would share this story because I feel sometimes the universe proves to be more powerful than intuition. I was en route home tonight when suddenly something said… “Ryan go to see Streetcar Named Desire.” Now I had been planning on seeing it for a while because I have wanted to see Carmen DeLavallade in person for the longest. Now the show starts at 8:00 pm. At promptly 7:30 something inside me snapped and said “Go see Streetcar.” So I did. I wound up meeting one of my LENdgends “Carmen De Lavallade” after the show. I spoke if how I had wanted to meet her. She initiated a hug which happened twice followed by a picture. Afterwards
I wound up at my favorite spot Chez Josephine followed by 2 hours worth of drinks and conversation with just myself and Nicole Ari Parker. Not only is Nicole an incredible person, she is an incredible actress. My oh my, the life she breathed into Blanche. I was so taken aback. I am so in awe of her talent. She taught me so much in those hours during and after the show. I am feeling so blessed and inspired.

Life is truly based on the chances you take. I am so grateful for tonight.


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