life: HELP!!!!!

Unfortunately I have to use my blog as an AD service! My show is coming up so quickly and I realize…. I HAVE NO MUSIC FOR MY SHOW!!!!

I am in desperate need of a bassist to perform with me on two nights during the run of my one woman show “Notes From A Horne.” The show is a semi biographical imagining of the life of the legendary Lena Horne. The show will be in Atlanta, Georgia on October 5th and 6th for the Black Atlanta Theater Festival. Unfortunately I am New York based so rehearsals would have to happen the week of the show. The bassist would be featured in one scene and perform 3 songs. Compensation will be granted for the rehearsals and the performances. Please have an ear for Jazz and an appreciation for not only the music of Lena Horne but the musicians of her era. Think the bands of Duke Ellington and Teddy Wilson. Please respond ASAP as the day is quickly approaching. If you are a musician or know a musician who is in Atlanta and you think could be of help, please email me (info on my TALK TO ME page)




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