life: Hello Dolly!

I have not written a blog post in forever, yet I must say over the months I have been away, I have been able to disappear into myself and reconnect with why I continue to be an actor. I have been able to commit to myself 100% to my career and it feels great. The only downfall is I am ill, and have been for about 2 days now, I am not sure if it is my allergies (which are terrible) or if it is a cold. I have chills, I have been sneezing, my throat hurts and I have bags under my eyes the size of an old ladies purse. I will get better, I have faith.

Anyway, it feels good to be back, and in honor of my first day back, here is a pic of a fab pic of the always fab Linda Rodin….Β  (I think her sunglasses are Linda Farrow for THE ROW)

Advanced Style Blog
Advanced Style Blog

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  1. bbylois says:

    great shot for me , powerful though vulnerable.

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