life: Journey

I have been away… again… SHOCKER.

Anyway I have a great excuse, which I will reveal at a later time. I cannot wait to share the updates with everyone when the time comes… but until then… I wanted to share some things, that I have been enjoying a lot lately.

1. YES to Grapefruit Towelettes:


I have been obsessed with the YES to products for over a year now, and just recently they released a new line called YES to Grapefruit which helps with brightening skin (Bye Bye Dark Spots!) Their towelettes are also exfoliating so once you rub it all over your kisser you are left with a tingly sensation (*swoons*.) I usually follow it up with my Origins Drink Up Mask. Which preps my skin for a nice dewy glow. (Like Buttah)

2. The Secret App: (Shhh!!!)


I am a true believer in the power of our thoughts and how they can be fulfilled by what we put into the universe. I find this app to be a great way to start off each day or in other cases to check in on during the day, it brings you back to yourself, grounds you… and relieves a hell of a lot of tension. AKA it saves lives.

3. Vera Farmiga (*LOVE*):


I loves me some Vera. I mean the woman is bad as hell. She is a brilliant focking actor, with a range that put many to shame… she also has this way of completely disappearing into every role she plays (yes this is every actors job) but sometimes I can go through an entire film and then not notice it was her until the end (that sort of thing.) Its incredible. Anyway I adore this woman. I met her a few years back at Sundance. So happy to see my circle is still circling.

4. Rihanna (I KNOW… late)


I have to admit I was never a fan, but there is something so free and (I don’t give a fock) about this chick, that I have to give her some props. Plus the number of Rihanna songs is growing on my iPod, so I could hide no longer. I had this sort of AhHa moment about her today when I realized… she is a Rock Star… not music wise, but lifestyle wise. She is the lives the life of Mick Jagger. Gotta give it up to the chick succeeding at the life.



I can admit… I really do not have a specific style. I just dress however I feel in order to keep myself from feeling bored, so my style changes every few weeks. Yet summertime is my chance to return to the fashion I missed out on as a kid. GRUNGE. I love the ripped shorts and the band tees and beenies and baseball caps and flannel shirts and gladiator sandals and Sophia (my old worn Balenciaga city) and my Lennon sunnies. Cannot wait for the heat!


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