life:Umm so how am I actually going to make a career out of this?

It seems to be a question I ask myself everyday… how am I going to make this work for me? And the answer is always the same… “It will happen because I want it to.” Everything I have accomplished thus far is because I set my mind to something and wanted it bad enough and I made it happen. The same thing goes for my career.  Only thing I have to do is get past all the self doubt and victim bullshit and make it  happen. I have been blessed with an incredible support system who stands behind me while I make my dreams a reality (you don’t become Kerry Washington or Lena Dunham over night.)

I was actually on my way to bed tonight after a day of vomiting my brains out (gross but true) when I came across this update posted by my friend, fellow, actor and Gemini Verlon Brown. He always posts the right things at the right time (I guess it’s because Gemini’s are kindred that way.)  Anyway…. When I read it I almost keeled over from shock because it was exactly what I needed to hear after the last two days I have had.

The rant below is in regard to design, and creating your own projects. I think it’s just focking brilliant and helpful to anyone in search of total independence, inspiration and  greatness.




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