Random: Grown Up B-Day List

Gifts are something we looked forward to as children when it came to Christmas and Birthdays. Yet as we grow older the presents become sparse and we learn that liquor, friends and family are enough of a gift. Yet since I am a kid at heart I figured I would put together my DREAM wish list. Just to put it out into the universe.

10. THE ANGEL OAK TREE OF SOUTH CAROLINA(I love the beautiful trees of the south, especially the Antique Oaks, but this one literally takes my breath away.)


9. ROAD TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS (Just need a partner in crime to come along.)

8. TICKETS TO A TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL (I saw the movie when I was in college… and now with Cicely Tyson taking the stage I HAVE TO SEE IT! I am a theater kid at heart)



6. LARGE GIVENCHY PANDORA (*SWOONS* I know its ridiculously expensive but it is a WISH list. I’d even take one used.)


5. COULD USE A BOTTLE (Mine is completely GONE)


4. A SICK ASS CUSTOM WEBSITE (My dream is to integrate my blog, my instagram, twitter and promote my artist in one place. I am stumped when it comes to website designing, but I need the help desperately along with a sick template)

Picture 6

3. Fitted Ankle Sweatpants (You would be surprised how difficult it is to find these. And I have needed a new pair desperately. This is a need!)

2. I have a thing for Hats… I need these in my life.


1. The biggest wish I have is something that I am going to have to get for myself, and that is fire. Fire to send me on my way, the fire that keeps me from running on empty, the fire that keeps the light going, the fire that reminds me I am an actor and a writer and an artist and I have to work to keep that fire and my dream alive. It keeps me from giving up.


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