Art: JCasso Baby!

I saw this video a few weeks ago, and was totally mindf***ed!

The brilliance of Jay-Z is something like a fine wine, it only gets better with time. I am not a fan of RAP but because of people like Hova I listen. He is doing for rap what Gaga is doing for pop… He is reinventing it. Picasso and Basquiat are foreign concepts to some, but because of Jay-Z’s genius , these people now have been cultured. They hear “Picasso Baby,” google Picasso and the doors open to movements such as cubism and abstract art. Jay-Z will say “I am the new Jean-Michael,” and curious listeners will read the story of a black graffiti artist turned Neo-expressionist and Primitivist, who awed the infamous Andy Warhol and died at the tender age of 27.

There is a reason why people like Jay Z and his equally talented and brilliant wife Beyoncé are in such high demand, why they keep the public interested and why they are clearly running the music game. They are feeding the minds of the public with their insatiable appetite to learn more, and be more.

At the end of the day we are artists. There is no need to separate it by music, dance, acting, writing, painting, designing, etc. We all have a need to express ourselves, we are all inspired by one another, so why not see what happens when all that art collides into one another? Well, Sean Carter (Jay-Z) did.

Bravo Hov


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