films: Must See

(This is probably one of my favorite scenes in the film, it is an amazing scene for Michael Corleone. For me it lets the audience get a glimpse of the power that is to come. Also it shows the audience no matter how far removed Michael tried to be from the family “business” it was innate. It was second nature to him. I LOVE THIS FOCKING SCENE.)


After finally seeing THE GODFATHER which I spent many years putting off, I realized there were so many films I still needed to see.

Of course I felt everything that everyone else did when seeing Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo’s cinematic masterpiece. I thought it was absolute brilliance. I felt that it was the first time I had seen a film about the mob, and saw more than violence, and illegal business, I saw a family trying to hold itself together…by any means necessary. It was also quite a treat to have all of these legendary actors in one film before they embarked on the path towards becoming the icons they are today… Pacino, Duvall, Caan, Keaton… and of course BRANDO!!!! (I swear I would watch Brando pump gas for 2 hours.)


I am going to challenge myself to see the films that I have been either 1. avoiding 2. really had no interest but I know I should see it  3. I saw it and fell asleep or saw and forgot it

THE LIST IS AS FOLLOWS (in no order)

1. Indiana Jones- Steven Spielberg (1984)

2. Hello Dolly – Gene Kelly (1969) (I KNOW IT’S BARBRA.. I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT!!!!! Look it’s the only film of hers I have not seen…I cannot tell you how many times I have put in the dvd and started to watch it and was bored stiff.)

3. JAWS – Steven Spielberg (1975)

4. Breathless – Jean-Luc Godard (1960)

5. FARGO – Joel Coen (1996)

6. The Deer Hunter- Michael Cimino (1978)

7. Giant – George Stevens (1956)

8. An American in Paris- Vincente Minnelli (1951)

9. From Here to Eternity – Fred Zinneman (1953)

10. Lawrence of Arabia – David Lean (1962)

11. Bladerunner – Ridley Scott (1982) (Saw it and fell asleep)

12. It’s A Wonderful Life – Frank Capra (1946) (Saw this and cannot remember a thing)

13. Princess Bride – Rob Reiner (1987)

14. 12 Angry Men- Sidney Lumet (1957)

15. Star Wars – George Lucas (1977) ( I walked out when they re released it in theaters, I should probably revisit this… *exhales*)

16. Blues Brothers – John Landis (1980)

17. Footloose- Herbert Ross (1984) (*exhales* do I have to?!)


What movies are on your list? Or better yet what films will people be shocked you didn’t see?




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