music: SWV

It’s 1:38 and I am having a dolo sweve party.

Not to be confused with a dance party, a swerve party consists of sitting, rockin your head from side to side and allowing your shoulders to do what your legs would…. #word. Damn I forgot how much I loved SWV.


Also I DID NOT KNOW that they released another album in 2012 (WTF!!!!! NO ONE TOLD ME?!!!!)

Check it out here… (SWV- I Missed Us)
Well better finding it now, than never. I cannot stop groovin to “All About You.” As I listen to em I cannot help but wander off into my memories. It’s  94′ all over again and I am sitting in the back seat of my moms Hyundai, dressed in my cross colors, and watching the fringe from her suede coat dance along with 98.7. Memories.


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