salute: STACEY LAWHORNE (an open letter)


“Most friends fade, or they don’t make the grade, new ones are quickly made and in a pinch sure, they’ll do. But us old friend, what’s to discuss old friend? Here’s to us, whose like us? Damn few.”

-Stephen Sondheim “Old Friend”-


Dear Stacey,

Where do I start? Our friendship started out to be an unlikely one, yet as the years went by it was like DUH! Of course our friendship makes sense. We were destined to be in each others lives. Every single day I thank god for you, because you my dear are truly heaven sent. You showed me what friendship really means. Friendship isn’t supposed to be difficult or competitive or fake… friendship is about ease and sincerity and truth. It also helps that you make me laugh until I cannot breathe.

Very few people can say that their best friend drove from New Jersey to Atlanta to see them perform. Very few can say that their best friend made them a vegan feast for their birthday. VERY FEW people can say their best friend bit the bullet and sat through 2 hrs of Barbra Streisand because their best friend loves her.

Our history is rich, unique and full of insanity. From Ann Margaret to Atlantic City or our “Bob Marley month” parked in my driveway to getting free limos. Let’s not forget 2 hr trips to the grocery store, 5 hrs sitting in a parked car watching youtube videos or day trips to PA.

Thank you for being the Melissa to my Sandra. We are Lucy and Ethel. Penelope and Salma, Barbra and Donna,  Diahann Carroll and……. herself. You are literally my other half (and as married as this sounds) my soul mate. I wish I could find a big enough thank you for being in my life and just being the amazing human being you are. I am so very lucky.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful, authentic, hysterical, crazy, giving loving bestie! Cannot wait for our next adventure.



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