Film: Requiem for a Dream

When ever I get a little case of the writers block blues, I revisit some of my favorite films/ performances to try and spark something in me to get me back on track.


I have seen Requiem for a Dream quite a few times, of course when I first saw the film, I had never seen anything like it. My brain was challenged, mystified and totally turned on. After watching it tonight… *que explosion sound effect* (that was my brain and heart exploding.) Of course we all know Darren Aronofsky never holds back when it comes to cinematic exploration and innovation… but we must give credit to the artists who help bring the story to life. I hate to single out any one performance because Leto, Wayans and Connelly were all BRILLIANT but… Ellen Burstyn… she took the film to an entirely new level. Because of performances such as the one she gave portraying Sara Goldfarb, I think the Oscars need to create a category for “Bravest Performance.” That is exactly what that performance was, brave.

Every actor yearns for that moment during a performance when they reach a state of  total surrender, where their conscience mind is suspended and only the art lives. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does… pure magic happens. Watching Ellen in that film I am going to go out on a limb and say… ELLEN BURSTYN totally let go of Ellen Burstyn and let Sara Goldfarb live. The entire performance was so free and honest and raw and disturbing, all of the things that every actor yearns to deliver in a performance.

If you love film watch it. If you like music watch it, if you don’t like film watch it… there is a message about need and desperation that we can all identify with. It’s on NETFLIX instant play for a while, so catch it while you can.




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