salute: Jessica-N do no wrong!

I posted this on my instagram, I posted this on my FB, I posted this on twitter, and now I am posting it on my blog. I don’t know how much longer I will be holding onto those social media portals, but I figured my blog will be around forever.


So I need to preface this by saying… I would love to be in Jessica Langes brain while she prepares for a role, the work that she does on the character down to the tiniest detail leaves me in total awe of her instrument. I have seen several of her films and I swear if you are walking by my door you can her me yelling to myself. “Shit, Damn, my god, I can’t deal, FOCK, Brilliant.”

Her line delivery is spot on, her timing is spot on and her pushing back those tears… heartbreaking. She’s got all of the ingredients of a great artist. Why an artist and not an actor? I choose the word artist because feel that there is an element of bravery and truth that separates it from being purely just thespian. This bravery is why I call Jessica Lange an artist…. there are few out there with that incredible gift. Being an artist is what connects you to an audience it’s that ability to touch and inspire, it fills your work with truth and pain and beauty and all those things that make life…life.

I have watched her films for years, and I have said this before and I will say it again, everytime I see this woman I learn something… Hush, Grey Gardens, Frances, Blue Sky, American Horror Story S1,2 and 3, Tootsie, Prozac Nation, Crimes of the Heart, Titus, A Thousand Acres, Losing Isaiah… to name a few. When she moves she makes me strive to a better artist, to take risks. When she cries she shows me that there is always more to learn, when she is silent she speaks so many words. Thank you Jessica Lange for sharing you work with the world. I truly do hope and pray our artistic paths cross one day. (Sending this wish into the universe)

P.S. That line about fear… kills me everytime. GAAAAHHHH!


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