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I wanted to wait until the internet insanity died down before I posted anything about Bey’s new Visual Album,  but then I remembered… it’s Beyoncé, the world is going to be talking about her at least until American Horror Stories returns.

This woman released an album with NO publicity, NO single, NO WORD just boom releases an album complete with 15 songs and 17 music videos and has sold over 550K in 2 days… BOSS isn’t even sufficient enough a word to describe the magnitude of this woman’s talent and power.

Back in Sept I had to opp to work with her for her music video Heaven, but unfortunately after viewing the video a chicks whole scene was cut (FOCK)… but it’s all good, because I realize B and I on screen at the same time would be just TOO much for the world to handle ;P. Anyway I am so grateful for having been able to work with her, and who knows what the future holds. It was a great experience I will always remember.

I am so proud of this album, she is a total inspiration, and as usual shows the world how it’s done. She brings it full force EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is no half assing it with B. She works her ass off for all she has, so I have nothing but respect for her hustle. I only hope that her work discipline is something I can integrate into my own work.  There isn’t another one like her in the game. NO ONE, you can argue me up and down… but look at the numbers.

Aside from the response of the album something I really love about it is the work it gave to so many amazing directors. From Terry Richardson (famous photographer and director of XO) To Jake Nava (The man behind Single Ladies and most recently B’s Flawless, Partition and Grown Woman) Ricky Saiz (Yonce) Jonas Akerlund (Superpower and Haunted) and the list goes on and on.

ANYWAY… I needed to give my rundown my top 5, cause a girl is still listening to the album on repeat. The following are my favorites in ORDER (5 to 1). Of course you gotta download the album to get the full effect with visuals and music, but the teasers will give you and idea. Whenever I hear a song I automatically paint an image for the music video in my head (its the filmmaker in me) so I am happy to see that some of what I imagined came across in some of the videos.

5. XO and MINE –  I really cannot choose. I mean XO, just makes me think of summer and puts me in that amazing chill happy state. The song is everything you could possibly want for a summer jam. It’s free and adorable and sincere. MINE… the video though.. it’s a work of art, I don’t know if I like the song because of the song or because of the video. The video is like a painting at the MET. As I sit here listening to the song… I think it’s the video that ranks over the song… but check em both out anyway.

4. BLOW- I love any song that makes me wanna pull out my roller skates and head back to the rink with my girls in Illinois. It just has this fun, old school feel. Although the lyrics are clearly provocative the old school beat and just the overall smile it and groove it puts you in makes you forget… until she starts talkin about “Tear that cherry out.” HAHAH#sorrynotsorry.

3. ROCKET– Cut and dry R&B/ Soul. I feel like this is the guys version of D’Angelo’s “How Does it Feel.” I hear this and I get Maxwell, Angie Stone, India Aire… YESSS B WERK.

2. YONCÉ– With lyrics like “When you want a smash I just write another one” and “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicka.” It really only goes up from there. The video is beyond dope, featuring some of the brown beauties of the fashion industry. Literally every time I listen to it, I want some champagne and a table to dance on with my girls. I think this is probably my favorite of all of the videos. It just showcases the beauty of brown as well as just makes you so glad to be a chick. Video leaves a girl feelin powerful. (Is it just me or is B gettin good with the MCin?)

1. SUPERPOWER(feat Frank Ocean) It feels like a modern Doo-wop. As soon as the beat dropped I was like… THIS IS IT.  I love the lyrics, I love the addition of Frank… (the video for me reminds me too much of Girls Run The World… but again the song is great… kinda reminds me of the intro to Glee.)


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