TV: HargiDAY

There is no quicker way to my heart than RAW, HONEST, TALENT… if I can feel you, then I can roll with you.

With that said. I need to shout out Mariska Hargitay after watching tonight’s episode of Law and Order: SVU. Tonight marked the final chapter of the series four part segment “SAVEBENSON.” The gripping, chilling, nail biting segment which began in May of 2013 went out with a BANG…literally. I have to say it was probably one of my favorite episodes to date. Why? Aside from the drama, I think Mariska was absolutely brilliant.

After being on a television show for 15 seasons sometimes an actor can loose inspiration in the work. Same character, same job etc, etc… but Mariska…no way. Every season Detective/Sgt Olivia Benson goes through a sort of transformation and it always leaves the audience totally engaged. Not only because the writing is great but because you have to admit Mariska is an amazing freaking actress. She is the Beyoncé of Television… Seriously she is the hardest working woman on TV and it shows. I think that it’s not only her love of the show and the character, but also her passion for the subject at hand.  15 seasons is not an easy thing to commit to. Yet, when you are doing what you love (acting) and making a difference (The Joyful Heart Foundation) how can you not give yourself 150%? Anyway I digress…

Something about Mariska’s performance in tonight’s episode left me vibrating. It took me about 30 minutes after the show ended for me to finally stop shaking. Not physically, but internally shaking. The last 10-15 minutes of the show. Olivia Benson went though hell… and so did I. The colors she created, the life she breathed into Benson was out of this world. It left me in total shock and admiration. I had talked about Jessica Lange a few months back….how she kinda pulls out my guts and teaches me acting lessons every time I watch her… well Mariska is doing that for me.

I don’t want to give anything away for those of you who will watch tomorrow… but just look out for these 2 moments and prepare to be HargiTIZED!

1. Table tie up (I flashed back to “Undercover” if anyone knows SVU they know what I am taking about. Mariska soared through a roller coaster of emotions and then the light literally went out of her eyes. KILLED ME. God that was so amazingly played. “That’s all you’re gonna give me”

2. Roulette (Okay, Mariska talk to me. I think I started vibrating because she shook so much. I’m curious to know what prep she did for that scene?? So yeah Mariska… we should tawwwkk)

If the rumors are true and she is leaving after this season, I hope she continues to act, because she truly has a gift. Acting class is always in session when I watch Mariska Hargitay.

Universe, make a connection happen.


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